Baby Dreams

by Irene'
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I have had this dream a few times. Twice last week.

Different characters, but the same story. I dream I get given a baby. It is not mine, I did not give birth to it, but I am very happy to have it. In one instance, it was the baby's father who gave her to me. He also had another child.

In one dream I knew the person who gave it to me (this person has never had a child), the other dreams I have not known the person.

The age of the baby differs in different dreams - from tiny to around 18 months. The baby is always happy and smiling. The person giving me the baby is also always not unhappy about giving the baby away.

As this is a recurring dream and getting more frequent, I am curious as to what it is trying to tell me.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for the dream. Birth in dreams is symbolic of a new beginning of some sort, of a new way of thinking, a new personality trait, a new habit etc.

it is interesting that you are not actually giving birth however, so you are not actually giving birth to anything new, but being given a new opportunity by many different people in your different dreams. In one instance it is by somebody you know.
Has there been any new opportunity presented to you by this particular person in your life?

It is an interesting and telling act, for a parent to give their baby up and not be too concerned about it. Also for the baby to be separated from its parents and be happy and smiling, means it is nothing but a positive experience. This is definitely symbolic of some positive change that has occurred, a gift from others to you, perhaps pertaining to trustworthiness, that these people would trust you with their own child.

Only you can know what this dream symbolises. Thank you for sharing!

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