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This website is all about your dreams interpretation and educating you, my readers, on uncovering the real meaning of dreams.

Here at we believe in the personal nature of dream interpretation. That every dream symbol that appears in dreams is of personal significance to you and as such only you can figure out what these mean to you!

Our dream interpretation tutorial is the best place to start really understanding and learning how to uncover the personal meanings behind dream symbols.

But I also believe by reading and sharing dreams, and by having other people comment and help you with a dream interpretation you can gain much insight into the interpretation process.

And as such, I would like for you, my readers, to let me know your favourite or scariest dreams or simply the ones that you remember, and the success you have had in uncovering the real meaning of dreams!

Share your dreams...

Being Chased In Dreams!

What is your scariest or favourite chase dream?

Dreams Involving Falling

Falling dreams are among the most common dreams we all have at some point in our lives. Share your experience of falling in your dreams.

Being Lost In Dreams!

What is your funniest, scariest or outright annoying experiences of being lost in a dream?

Being Naked In Dreams!

Reveal your true self and share your naked dream experiences.

Dreams of Death

What is your scariest dream involving death?

Losing Your Teeth In Dreams!

Teeth dreams are one of the most common dreams of all, so whatever has happened to your teeth in your dreams we want to hear about it!

Water Dreams

Water appearing in dreams revolved around emotions, but can appear in many forms. How has water appeared in your dreams?

Dream Involving War

What is your scariest dream involving a war?

Dreams About Flying!

The Freedom one feels when flying in a dream is like nothing I have ever experienced while awake. How was your flying dream experience?

Exams in Dreams

Have you passed with an A in your dream exams?

Dreams Involving Houses

Whether it has been discovering new rooms in your house or exploring a house you have never been in before, we want to hear all about your dreams involving houses.

Money Money Money!

Whether you have been robbed or found a stash of cash, tell us about how money has appeared in a dream you have had!

New Talents In Dreams

Have you discovered a new talent in a dreams lately?

Dreams Involving Pregnancy

There appear to be two sorts of pregnancy and birth dreams. The ones where you appear happy and excited and the ones where the dreamer feels anxious and scared. Which type of pregnancy dream have you experienced?

Or if you have a general dream that you would love to share that doesn't fit into the categories above then please us this page to share your dream experience with our readers who enjoy dreams as much as you do!

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Flying with friends 
I often have the most lucid dreams that seem to last for days in my mind. I fly alone in buildings like gyms, factories and other large structures, usually …

justin bieber trying bras? 
I had a dream where i went to this store, and I looked in a secret coner to find Justin Bieber trying on bras! As soon as the staff saw me they quickly …

Premonition dreams  
I seem to have quite a bit of "premonition dreams". Just yesterday I dreamed that I was taking a nap in my bed when my sister comes in and wakes me …

Car Accident 08 
I had a dream that a good friend of the family was in a horrible car accident and lost his arm. 2 days later my husband was in a tragic car accident …

Losing things and feeding animals Not rated yet
I dream all the time that I lose things. This may sound strange but I lost my mother inlaw in one dream - she is an ill old lady and I took her out for …

Dad help me Not rated yet
I constantly have a dream that I am in a situation in which I'm about to be attacked or I'm about to die. My dad is always there, and he has the opportunity …

brakes Not rated yet
Well I have had this dream several times for more than a year. My dad had an SUV and I would dream that I was driving it (I was driving during this time …

Rollercoaster Not rated yet
One of the two dreams that reoccurs the most and bothers me the most is the rollercoaster or waterslide or car on a bridge in the middle of nowhere dream. …

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