Bright Light Dream

I had a dream that I saw a bright light, I went to and it told me that it meant guidence plain understanding and insight.
That didnt really freak me out, what really freaked me out is that it said it could also sometimes be common for people who are near death.
After I read that it really freaked me put so much that I started to cry. I need to know what this dream really me please! :D

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I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience!

One of the ways that people try to interpret their dreams is by looking up dream dictionary sites like, for a "quick fix dream interpretation". These sites do nothing but mislead people into believing there are set meanings for the symbols they see in their dreams, and as such, I would really urge you to only look within yourself for the meaning of your dreams.
We here at aim to teach and educate our readers on the "real" way to interpret their dreams.

Dreams are personal to each of us, our dreaming brains have created them from the accumulation of experiences we have gained in our lives, and therefore only you, the dreamer, can know what seeing a bright light in your dream means.
Take a look at your feelings towards bright lights, what do they mean to you?

Seeing a bright light dream could mean any number of things. For instance if you are a sailing person, a bright light could mean safety, being associated with seeing a light beacon from a light house which serves to guide ships safely home.

As there have been many accounts
of "seeing a light at the end of a tunnel" with people who have had near death experiences, in some communities it is quite largely accepted that seeing a light symbolises life after death.

There is also the saying "I see light at the end of the tunnel", which generally means that you can see some signs of hope in the future, though things are difficult at the moment.

But please understand the language of our dreams. Our dreams are metaphoric in nature, which means that they do not speak literally.

So taking this bright light dream as an example, and let's just say that the personal meaning we associate to it is as a symbol of " life after death".
We should not take it as literally foretelling "life after death" but as metaphorically symbolising that, maybe a part of you that you no longer require has, metaphorically speaking "died". Seeing this light has symbolised that there is "light" at the end of the tunnel. That you will be OK without this part of yourself.

Now this was a pure example and not a meaning for your actual dream at all. But a way to explain to you the metaphoric nature of the language of our dreams, and how you should go about interpreting them.

You would need to take a look at yourself and your relationship and beliefs about seeing a light to really fully understand what this symbol means to you.
I really hope this has quelled your fears!
Take a look if you like at our Dream Interpretation Tutorial
to learn how to interpret the "real" meaning of your dreams!

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Nov 14, 2011
Bright light dream
by: Jessica

I had a dream of a bright light and then suddenly darted up out of my sleep ... I was in a panick...It was at 6:40am... My boyfriend of 7 years was in the hospital at the time of my dream.... well about 20 mins later my phone rang and it was the doctore telling me that my boyfriend passed away...They found him with no pulse at 6 am then pronounced him dead at 6:40 am...I believe the light was him visiting me to let me know that he was gone and that he is ok ............

Jan 08, 2011
Awesome info
by: Anonymous

I have also had a bright light dream and looked on several sites but couldn't get any good information. This post has helped me a lot. Thank you!

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