crumbling teeth that just fall out in mouth

by Anita

I have the same dream over and over about my teeth just falling out in a crumble!

I am 45 now and after reading up on it I am now aware that I am not alone.

Wow, what an odd dream but it makes perfect sense now as to why I am having this crazy dream!

I can now focus on some issues I have with aging I guess, lol.and have been very sick and was diagnosed with malnutrition 3 weeks ago due to a stomach issue.

Well thanks for the great site!! Truly on the money with this one!

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Thank you very much for the compliment. We are really happy you like our site.

Teeth dreams can be really strange. I have had several over the years myself and I am always left feeling as though my teeth are loose the next day, I go around touching them to make sure they are not really falling out!

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May 24, 2012
A deeper thought
by: Bree

I am only 16 and i have dreams often of my teeth falling out. Like last night I had a dream i was talking to my mom I told her my tooth was loose. Then it started to crumble and all my teeth started to crack and fall. I don't think mine is to growing older. I started to think about my teeth dreams and relized when I was younger i didnt like taking care of my teeth and now I do all the time. So I belive that it could also be a fear of the past of maybe something you didnt take care of that your fearing will affect your life nhow. Myabe not teeth but something else that the teeth symbolize. Hope that helps!

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