Spitting Out Chunks Of My Teeth!

by Kay
(Philadelphia, PA)

I've had this dream before: I am in a social situation and piece-by-piece, I start spitting out chunks of my teeth.
Sometimes (in the dream) I feel my teeth with my tounge and they are all loose. I pull them out and not only is it my teeth, but the entire root of the tooth. In the dream I know that when I smile, I only have a few teeth left, but more pieces keep falling into my hand.

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Mar 05, 2015
thanks NEW
by: asd

Well, I don’t know how exactly to interpret this dream. It maybe even a projection of what you have seen in recent times. These types of dreams can occur, if you have seen any horror films recently, which had a similar scene. Pajar boots reviews

Jan 30, 2015
I have the same dream! NEW
by: Anonymous

Just about every night and maybe even multiple times in one night, I have the same dream that I spit out teeth constantly, but they keep growing as I spit out them constantly and in my dream I look in the mirror and my teeth are HUGE, BUT I KEEP SPITTING THEM OUT,and they are crumbling! I really hate having this dream, I just wish I would stop having it!! FED UP WITH IT!!

Dec 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

I had the same dream as yours. I hate these dreams. They feel so real 😡

Oct 17, 2013
rivers of teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

I recently dreamt about a situation where I left the girl I've been in a relationship with for the past 2 years for another girl and my teeth broke off above the root and poured out of my mouth but it wasn't just my teeth... There were thousands of them and I just kept spewing them out like I was vomiting.

Oct 08, 2013
wasting money... NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a dream recently that one of my teeth would crumble if i bit to hard. Once it fell out almost all my teeth fell out shortly after. I had to have them put back in at great expense (my mother paid for this and i was very upset to waste her money) but they were still lose. i had to be very gentle to avoid them falling out again and therefore wasting more money.

May 07, 2013
Mouthfulls of teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

I have repeating dreams about my teeth breaking in pieces, or falling out whole. Last night I dreamed that I had 4 or five that fell out and I was spitting them into my hand like you would spit out sunflower seeds! Then as soon as I thought I was done losing teeth, I'd get another mouthful and have to spit them out too. It was terrifying, and I woke up in a pool of sweat. I LOVE my pearly white smile :(

Feb 18, 2013
teeth falling out in social situation NEW
by: Anonymous

In my dream I am tonguing my teeth when they begin to fall out. No pain, also I remember not being embarrassed but instead acceptant of the condition as if it were a normal occurance...

Dec 06, 2012
Had this dream as well NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't think I was in a social situation but my teeth were definitely falling out. It was gross

Oct 09, 2012
Me too!!! NEW
by: Andrea

I have very scarily similar dreams to this quite often lately. I have done a little research and think it means having a fear of getting older and possibly a fear of losing your looks. I will be 30 in less than 6 months and recently I have been gaining weight. I am assuming this ties into the getting older and losing my looks. Could possibly be reasons for your dreams.

Sep 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

My teeth start to crumble and I pull out the whole tooth...root included. Always in a social situation too! This is weird

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