Touching My Teeth Gently Makes them Fall Out!

by Barbara

In my dream my teeth always feel very loose and the slightest touch will make them fall out and when they fall I always spit them out onto my hand and im looking for a glass of milk to put them in while im calling an ambulance to come and get me, my teeth contiinue to fall out until I get to the hospital and im lying in a bed at the hospital with my teeth in a cup waiting to be seen but I always have little stubs under the teeth that have fallen out the dream feels so real that when I wake up im always checking if my teeth are there I always have to force myself awake from these dreams

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Sep 16, 2016
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by: sumit kr

Apr 01, 2016
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by: Term Paper Help

Thanks for sharing your story! Those you do not believe in the dreams are mistaken. Our dreams can tell us a lot of interesting about ourselves.

Nov 11, 2015
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by: reviews

I have read your whole story and i feeling very sad for you that someone take money from you for a house but he run away and you lost your money. You don't leave hope and try to find this person with the help of police, relative and yourself as well. Next time you must be careful while purchasing anything. You must investigate for it and if you satisfied and feel that every thing is fine then pay for it. Best of luck.

Nov 04, 2015
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by: Jessica P. Paul

Teeth thoughts out are among the most mutual dream melodies. Whether your teeth start to smash and deterioration of their own harmony, this teeth always be like helplessness and Tumblr helps for this purpose and show that many different ways of teeth back or how can we our teeth clean and fresh. It also shows the many doctors which treat to the teeth peasant.

Oct 15, 2015
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by: Lara Parkhill

May be your dream is because of your fear of losing them or anxiety about such tooth problem. The blog is nice. Try dissertation guru, in which 'dreams and delusions is an upcoming topic of discussion. In which people share their dreams and discuss them and get professional advice from the related people. You can get so much there.

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