A Chase and a Fall Dream

by Aman Pandey

well, I had this dream the previous night...

It's like, I am running and running and then from grasslands, I come in between some cliffs. Then I look back and find soldiers of 3 nations behind me...

Then, I go into cliffs and jump in a narrow crack... all this while, dodging missiles and guns and mines... I am bleeding... then I land on a point where three cliffs end together and down is an endless valley.... soon I see those bloody soldiers!

Suddenly, I felt powerful, like I can beat them but against my will, I fall in the valley... now I am falling-- winds gushing over my head and creating a great experience to savor before I die... I was feeling free, feeling lost in ecstasy... when, I see ground and prepare myself for the hit, and suddenly I stop in mid air, and from nowhere a measuring tape falls from the sky and shows... '3.6 inches above the ground'. Now, what happens next is really cheeky--- an invisible pen writes in the air

'g=9.8 m/s2, h=3.6 inches
. processing....
processed... body parts will start to disintegrate now since potential energy tends to zero... And then my every body part breaks down seperately but stays in air... then, every thing comes to motion and I fall on ground... and it fades out...

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