Discover the REAL meaning of dreams

Considering how much time we spend dreaming, the real meaning of dreams seems to elude most of us.

We know surprisingly little about why we dream, how we create the images we see or what purpose it serves us as a species.

How many times have you dreamt about something, then googled your dream to try and figure out what it meant? I know I used to do that all the time…until I got increasingly disappointed with the one sentence answers I found on the dream dictionary sites. And although, it satisfies that instant need for an answer, you gain no better knowledge of yourself or your dreams.

Really when you think about it, how could a random online dream dictionary give you any insight into something you, a very unique human being with your own ideas about life, created?

Thus began the project of real meaning of dreams.

This website is the product of many months of research propelled by my desire to provide the real answers to YOUR dream questions, by means of showing YOU, how you can become your own dream expert. By teaching you how to interpret dreams yourself.

And it's not hard!

I am dedicated to teaching everybody the art of dream interpretation, covering all aspects of dreaming from understanding the sleeping brain, to offering an easy to follow dream interpretation tutorial, to understanding how societal influences do lead us to experience common dreams all over the world.

But Although we do often dream about common themes, our dreams are essentially unique to each and every one of us. And this is the most important factor to understand when dealing with dreams.
Your dreaming brain creates the images you see every night so it makes sense that only you, the author of your dreams can make sense of what they mean.

NO dream dictionary can help you understand yourself.

Take advantage of this free educational resource based on true scientific facts and studies to provide the real meaning of dreams. Stop visiting the plethora of dream dictionaries online, which while providing a quick way of getting a basic answer to your dream questions, does nothing to expand your knowledge of yourself, how you think, your relationships with others or life in general.

You will be amazed at the clarity and self-awareness that understanding the meaning of dreams can add to your waking life.

You may be eager to start interpreting your dreams right now in which case visit our dream interpretation tutorial. Or if you want a quick reference tool for your most recent dream themes check out our vast database of common dream themes.

Enjoy the process of self-discovery and start relying on yourself to decipher the meaning of dreams.


“dreams pay as much attention to you as you pay to them.”
prominent dream researcher Jean Campbell

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