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Aug 07, 2018

High flying eagle

i saw a very high flying egale and i was enjoying the view. suddenly the eagle started coming near and i was still loving the view. and then suddely egale

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Aug 07, 2018


I was in a school building witch was extremely high & my 16month old son was with me. I walked up the two sets of stairs & the 3rd set had no railings

Continue reading "falling"

Aug 07, 2018

stillborn baby

i dreamt i carried around a dead baby for months, i sort of knew because it never moved but it took me forever to actually go to the hospital and have

Continue reading "stillborn baby "

Aug 07, 2018

My boyfriend married another lady

I dreamt the guy I was dating married someone else and i was in the wedding party. I asked him why didn't you tell me you were getting married and he responded

Continue reading "My boyfriend married another lady"

Aug 07, 2018

Cant move

I keep having these dreams, which everytime is different in its own way; once i fall asleep i wake up in the same position same setting same everything

Continue reading "Cant move"

Aug 07, 2018


I keep dreaming about my ex boyfriend. He broke my heart and I want him back. In my dreams recently he shows up and we act like a happy couple again. Many

Continue reading "Love"

Aug 07, 2018


I dream of white pearls in my hand. the pearls was not in their perfect shape, it looks like, it was just taken from its shell. and there was three pearls

Continue reading "pearls"

Aug 07, 2018

My dream

I had a dream my eyes were glowing bright like a bright light. whats that mean?

Continue reading "My dream"

Aug 07, 2018

caught two love birds

there were lots of birds in my dream. As i went to try catch one i ended up catching two of them. I didnt know what kind until i put them into a bird cage.

Continue reading "caught two love birds"

Aug 07, 2018

My Aunt who is deceased came to me in a Dream and said " It's your time to Go"

Last night I had a very vivid dream about my aunt who passed away a few years ago. In my dream she told me that it was my time to go and that I somehow

Continue reading "My Aunt who is deceased came to me in a Dream and said " It's your time to Go""

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