Almost Home

by Kota

I was suddenly running through the woods, but the closer I got to the end of the trail, the more I felt some threatening presence closing in on me. Then my legs starting working less and less, until it got so bad that I was falling, and could barely get up. Every time I tried to get off the ground I ended up clawing at the dirt, slamming my face into the ground.

I finally managed to climb to the top of the fence at the end of the trail, but I couldn't find the strength to actually get over it. I fell and lay on the ground, with no strength left to move. I could see my house past the fence and knew I needed to make it home but somehow I knew I wouldn't make it back there.

My heart started pounding as I looked down the trail towards the unseen entity chasing me and suddenly I couldn't breathe either. Then I woke up.

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