almost talking to my dad

by amy
(turlock california)

before the dream... my dad past away when i was 8 yrs old.. i never got to say goodbye to him and i didnt know the full details of his death.. this dream has happened twice. my most recent dream was on 3/11/2011.. i dreamt that i was in a house with my family.. cousins, mom, aunts... then i was walking through the living room and i saw my dad sitting on a chair. i was to scared to approach him. in my dream i knew he was dead so i was wondering why he was there. then i went out side and left. came back onto the porch and my dad was standing on the porch. i stood righ tin front of him and gave him a hug. just as he was going ot start talking to me and how he died.. i woke up.. i tried to go back to sleep to finish the dream.. didnt happen..

the last time i had a dream about my dad.. it was a little deeper and a little different. In my dream, i was in a dream. and my dad appeared on a street already dead giving me a hug.. adn then i woke up

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