Always being murdered

by Andrea
(Sacramento, CA)

This is pretty bizarre but I always have dreams where someone kills me. My throat is slashed, I am shot, or I am stabbed, you name it, it happens to me. The strange thing is that I am never frightened or scared in the dream.

One example was as follows: In my dream I was the eldest child in a huge asian family (this is not so in real life). Since I am a girl my parents find that it would be easier to kill me than feed me. I am taken to an empty warehouse with some of my other sisters and two men tie us up together and murder us. I just feel my life slip away, then there is a warm sensation, and then I fall to the ground. I am not scared AT ALL.

This happens all the time. The situations are always different but the outcome is the same.

Is this normal? I live a happy life with a loving husband and great children. I am educated, have travelled widely, and have a great I missing something?

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Wow, I can imagine these dreams being quite disturbing, to witness death again and again. it doesn't seem to bother you in the dream but it would be interesting to know how you feel the day after one of these dreams - do you feel sad, emotionally overrun, or perhaps nothing?

I would say your dream is neither normal or abnormal, it is simply the dream experiences that you have. There is nothing normal about our dreams, we each experience dreams as we
experience life, they are unique to all of us.

If we take a look at the two components of this dream we can gain more understanding about why you may be having them.

Dreams are associated with your unconscious life, with your unconscious brain. To repeatedly experience the same sort of dreams means that there is something you are not getting, something is persisting on in your unconscious mind, that is not breaking through to your conscious thinking.

Now, what is repeating are themes of death, of being murdered, and without knowing the specifics of how you die, or for that matter how you feel about death in waking life, I can only hasten to guess as to what these may mean for you.

Death in dreams symbolises an end to something, either a part of your self, or a way of thinking, a way of being, a friendship, it can actually be an end of anything, it is hard to say and only you could know what could be symbolically ending.

Is it always somebody else who dies in the dream ( ie. not you as you are in waking life, but a character you are playing?)

It could also be that you are simply an extremely sensitive soul, and have been affected at a subconscious level by many things throughout your life related to death that you have read, seem on TV or in movies, heard about and you live this out in your nightly visions.

It is difficult with so little information to help you any further, I hope this has shed some light however.

Thanks for sharing!

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