Are Baby Gender Dreams Accurate?

There is a small amount of evidence to suggest that baby gender dreams could indeed be accurate.

However we are dealing with a subject that is not well researched, so there is no really conclusive evidence available.

Perhaps at some deep level a mother knows the sex of her baby and this comes out unconsciously through dreams.

I don’t know of any large-scale research into this, only a small-scale experiment carried out by a hypnotherapist on 5 pregnant women. When hypnotized he asked these women to identify the gender of their babies.

Each woman was definite in her responses except for one lady who gave the answer of female for one question and male for the next.

Each woman correctly predicted the gender of her baby, and the woman who was confused actually gave birth to twins, one girl and one boy, she was unaware at the time.

However, a sample of 5 does not really qualify as conclusive evidence that baby gender dreams are accurate.

In reality there is a 50% chance of being correct so perhaps these results are no more than coincidence.

After researching this quite extensively and asking many people there are just as many incorrect gender dreams as there are correct.

Bare in mind that if you were hoping for one sex over the other, that it would make sense for your dreams to revolve around that gender.

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