Being chased by my wife

by Patrick
(Seoul, Korea)

I dreamt my wife was chasing me to give me love. I was running away and telling her she was scaring me.

In real life she is either distant or overly attached which does in fact scare me sometimes; I don't really like it, but I do not like that she is distant either...

In the dream I was running away and closing doors behind me and even holding the doors shut, screaming stop, leave me alone.
When I awoke she told me I was moaning and talking in my sleep.

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This is a pretty interesting dream theme. Running away from pursuers whether know or not is a sign of anxiety in your waking life. And it is not necessarily to do with your actual pursuer, sometimes there is something about a waking life situation or person that is being represented by your dream pursuer.

Have a good think about your relationship with your wife. You could be running away from issues you need to face in order to move forward. Or, are there any other waking life situations or responsibilities where you are running away from somebody, metaphorically speaking?

On a basic level the most common reason for chase dreams is anxiety or stress that is seeping into your dreams from your waking life. When things get a bit too much to deal with they manifest themselves in all sorts of mysterious ways in our dreams!

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Feb 12, 2015
by: Luke

Sounds like your wife is the dominant partner at least in dream scape is she a powerful woman ?

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