Black Wings

by Jennifer
(Montgomery, TX, USA)

I am in a city and it is late at night. I am on the tenth floor of a cheap motel in the middle of the city. My back starts to have a horrible burning sensation. I quickly run to the bathroom. My back faces the bathroom mirror and with my right hand I lift up my shirt. I find two bright red rashes on my back. Quickly, I take off my shirt. The rash worsens. With a slight touch of my hand, the rash starts to peels. Soon there is blood everywhere.

As I try to clean up my wounds, I noticed two strange growths growing from both the wounds. Hours pass, the growths become bigger and the pain becomes unbearable. I try to tend to my wounds, but it's no use. I start to notice small feathers growing on the growths. Before I know it, two beautiful wings have sprouted from my body.They are black with a tint of red. I have a 15 foot wing spand. I am a sight to see.

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