by jessica
(los angeles)

Well I have had this dream several times for more than a year. My dad had an SUV and I would dream that I was driving it (I was driving during this time already) and when ever I would come to a stop I would stomp on the brakes with both feet but it wouldn't stop.

At first when I would have this dream I would drive and would remember the feeling of the dream because it felt so real.

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Thanks so much for this dream.

Again this is indeed a very common dream. There are several reasons why you may be dreaming of the brakes not working in your car.

Firstly, you must rule out whether you have had any scary experiences lately of where you put your foot on the brake and it was ineffective?

Like, driving in a snow storm or on an icy road where your car just kept sliding and the brake's didn't seem to work.

If you have had such an experience in waking life, then this could be why you would be having such dreams.

Such an incident is traumatic enough to make your unconscious relive it in your dream life.

Secondly, dreams of driving usually involve the course you are taking in life and the car you are driving is the path you are on, you are in control and driving along your life's path.

However, if you cannot control the brakes this may mean that you have lost control of the path you are on, and that you are afraid you may not be able to maintain control.

My assumption would be that you are somebody who needs to feel in control of most situations in your life and there may be some situation in which this is not the case, that is causing you anxiety and this could be coming out in the form of this dream.

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