Cannot Find My Place Of Work

by Lise

I dreamt that I went to work but couldn't find the clinic where I've been working for years.

Then, when I did find it, it looked like it wasn't the same place at all with different staff and different rooms. I was looking for the lab room where I worked and ask others where it was located but still coudn't find it. Then, when I found it, it wasn't the same room at all. I became so frustrated and I woke up frustrated and tired.

Can you tell me what it means? I love my job and I don't have any issues with anybody.

I am interested to know what it means.


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Thanks for the submission Lise!

Ah, so that is very interesting if like you say, you love your job, yet, you are having a dream such as this.

I will take another route for interpretation then.

This dream could be an indication that you are not somebody who handles change well, and that you have a fear that something related to your work life will change and it won't be the same, to the point where you won't recognise the place! (Quite extreme, I know, but our unconscious really does want us to get the message so extreme messages are often the case.)

This thought obviously provides quite an amount of angst for you.

So I would ask you to take a look at yourself and see if there is any truth in the prospect that you simply fear change in your place of work.

Or, it may also not be related to your place of work, but some other aspect of your life that makes you feel in some way, like you feel at your place of work.

This may sound strange, but seeing as though you have worked at the same job for a very long time you would, by now, have a strong association to the place.

And as we have limited resources available to us during our dreams, (due to part of our brain not really functioning while we sleep and dream) our brain only has access to memories and associations, thus why your brain may be drawing on memories of your work place, to play out this scenario of fear. For more information on what I mean here read our page on Dreams and the brain.

So, it may be that you fear change in another aspect of your life, and like I said, it is just being played out in the familiar setting of your workplace.

Only you can know in what area of your life you are fearful of change.

Thanks again for the interesting submission!

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May 03, 2011
So interesting!!
by: Megan

Wow! That's really an interesting interpretation. I have had lots of lost dreams, and always have trouble figuring out what they are about. I wonder if this is accurate for Lise. I would love to hear if it is. I'm so interested in learning more about dream interpretation and this site has helped me a lot! Thank you!

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