Car Accident 08

by michelle
(rochester, ny)

I had a dream that a good friend of the family was in a horrible car accident and lost his arm.

2 days later my husband was in a tragic car accident and lost his left arm and is now paralyzed.

Years ago I also had a dream that I was in a car accident.

I remember going off a snowy road in town and sliding off the road and flipping my verhicle. The steering wheel pressed into my stomach and I died. I remember the pain and I remember knowing I was going to die, it was actually kind of peaceful.

Of course I did not die but I often wonder who may have lost their life the night of my dream. i often think this is a gift from God to prepare us for what might lie ahead.

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Thank you for sharing your dream with us.

There are a significant number of accounts of people claiming they have experienced premonition dreams, which could explain the dreams you have experienced. However in today’s world the idea is not given any credibility by the scientific community.

Dreaming of good or bad unforeseen events occurs all the time in our dreams. But what if your dream actually ends up happening? Is this coincidence or something more?

Can we actually dream of events before they occur? Or in your case, can we dream of events that happen to other people?

Premonition dreams or precognitive dreams, such as what you are describing, are an ability to gain information
about an upcoming event prior to the event happening, and they are not common at all.

When we speak of this form of dream they are a very specific variety of dream, please know that not all dreams serve as premonitions.

How can we know if your dreams are actually premonition dreams? We can't, and that is the hardest component for credibility in this area of dreaming.

How can instances of premonition dreams be scientifically disproved or proven when we still know so little about the full capability of the human brain?

Well perhaps we don’t really need a scientific explanation for such an illogical and irrational concept.

I have heard of several cases like yours in my lifetime of people experiencing what we call Premonition Dreams.

One such example: was from a middle-aged woman who had woken from a very frightening dream where her son was bleeding emerging from a car accident. She immediately woke up and rang her son who lived in another city and she was informed he had been in a car accident.

While I cannot prove to you 100% that premonitions dreams are accurate and true, and that you are such a person who has these variety of dreams, I do think that our understanding of nature, the universe and the human brain is not quite sound enough yet, to discredit the accounts of people such as yourself who have claimed to have premonition type dreams.

Thanks again for breaching this topic, it is always an interesting debate for people interested in dreaming.

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Aug 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I dreamed that I lost my husband in a car accident, for quite sometime now. But every time I have one of these dreams someone in my family passes away. I know my husband is safe. I know that where he goes I go. But for some reason I cannot get making the calls to his family out of my head. I keep reliving that moment in my head over and over. It was one of the hardest parts. I woke up crying and screaming.

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