by Rana

In my dream, I was younger. Like around 10.

I was in a big city, like Tokyo or New York.

Anyhow, I was running as fast as I can, but the chaser kept coming ever so near.

The chaser was a boy around my dream age. His hair was all long and spiky, the hue being platinum blonde. His eyes were purple-less dark lavender. And he was fast.

He carried this long, thin dagger-like weapon. Every time, he got near, he would slash at me. Laughing darkly, every time he did cut me.

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It appears that you are having a battle in your dreams with a part of yourself, and the fact that you were younger in your dream could indicate this is an issue that was born from around that time.

Dreams of being attacked like this are usually the result of an area of life in which there is unresolved conflict.

Take a look at yourself to figure out whether there is any part of yourself that is at odds with another.

Could there be an unresolved or unacknowledged part of yourself that is fighting for its' right to be heard?

Maybe you have fear of being under threat from external events or internal emotions.

Perhaps you have unknown impulses or new ideas that are foreign and are forcing you to take a defensive position?

Or perhaps there is some part of your waking life in which you feel vulnerable and under attack?

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