Cinfully Dillicious Pickles

by Cindy Louise Brown
(Kent, Washington)

I am in the car business and things have been rough for the industry in the last few years. In the first round of layoffs I started to pray for another path in life in case I got laid off. I prayed for about 6 months.

One night I went to bed and had a dream about making pickles. Pickles are one of my favourite snacks but they are very high in sodium, so I cannot eat them as much as I would like as I have high blood pressure.
In a dream I was given a recipe on how to make the perfect pickle that was low in sodium and did not require cooking but were still full of flavour and crunchy.
When I woke up I was so excited I couldn't get to the store quick enough to pick up my supplies. And I was amazed that I had retained the entire dream. I made my first batch of pickles and brought them to work and all of my co-workers loved them.
So I have formed Cinfully Dillicious Pickles as a business. I have repeat customers, things are a little slow because of the economy but I have a good product and I know it will be in the stores one day.....

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