Crooked house

by Kathleen
(Sioux Falls, SD, USA)

I have had many dreams that are similar to the following dream...I guess they are recurring theme dreams.

Most of these are me trying to find my way from one spot of the house (or hospital, hallway, railway station etc) to another. It is not my house, or any house I have ever lived in. Sometimes the houses in my dreams have at least one room in them that is in the other dream houses too.
I will be trying to get out of the house, or from one floor to the next and I am always stymied by the stairway, or hallway, or other structure that does not go where I think it will go.
An elevator will stop between floors, a stairway doubles back or goes to a floor I did not know existed, or to a room I did not want to go to and when I try to find my way back I generally cannot find the way.
Sometimes, but not often, I will find my way back outside, but I usually just stop dreaming this dream before the situation in the dream is resolved.

Other recurring theme dreams include a lake (or park) that is always the same but the events in the dream change.

I always dream in color, I often dream about my work, and co-workers. I have had at least two dreams that I was relating a dream to a person in the dream...sort of a dream within a dream.

My most vivid recent dream was that I was at work (not my real job) and it had been redecorated, but the work order had not gone through the proper channels, so the engineers came and tore all of the fabric out that they had used to upholster the walls, benches and chairs.
The fabric was in blue and gold, with cross-hatched ribbon studded with jewel like things - I thought is was very pretty in my dream. Just as the engineers completed the removal of the fabric,
my boss (my real life boss) entered the room and I explained what had happened. She was upset that no one had come to find her when this was happening and I explained that it had happened in just a few minutes. She decided we would fill out a purchase order for new fabric and do the remodel ourselves.
In the meantime, the CEO of our company (his name was correct in this dream, but it was not his physical body) came to our office and wished me happy birthday, and gave me a great big hug (My real birthday was about two weeks ago). Also, it was during the time we were waiting for new fabric that I was telling a co-worker (real life co-worker) about a dream I had had. I do not recall the detail of that dream now but it too was vivid, and I believe it was a dream I had that same night). Shortly after this we began the process of picking out fabric for the walls, etc. There were many choices, and patterns, ranging from pinks, blues, pastels, brights, animal themed, western themed and others.

There were many of us there to help make the decision, inlcuding some co-workers from real life and others I did not know. There was a boy about 9 years old that I was talking to about what fabric to choose - I told him I liked the blue with clouds and also the western themed one.

He did not like the western themed fabric and then we started talking about movies. We couldn't think of the name of a particular movie that we both liked but knew it was the one that had the word "peas" in the title. Soon after that the decision was made to use the blue fabric with clouds that I liked, but when the started to install in on the walls, they decided to paint/stencil instead and I was disappointed because I knew it would not look very good.

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Nov 16, 2013
Finish what start
by: Anonymous

I feel that your dreams mean that you do not have a clear direction of your future. You do not know where you are going. You have no real plan therefore you start one thing and then start another before the first one was finished. You have many project, ideas, etc. that are unfinished. Make sure that you finish whatever it is you start on. Focus on one thing at a time until it is complete before moving on to the next project or idea. Do this in your personal and professional career and you will find yourself advancing and discovering what it is you really want to do in life.

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