Diamond's after-death appearance in dreams

by Dr Dipak Kumar Pramaniik
(Kolkata,West Bengal, India)

Mrs. Sikha Banerjee

Since 1980-81 Sikha Knew me in connection with her son's study at Birla High School. He often used to give her matters to copy for his magazine Manikya. And with a great pleasure she engaged herself with this work.

In due course of time she began to have divine dreams which gave her great peace and joy in mind in spite of so many hazards in her family life.

On 29th December,1996, at about 11 PM she sat and began to read the book Amritadhara (Messages of Diamond). In page 10, she read Jibankrishna is saying, a man is born with innumerable prejudices of his family, country, clan etc. When she read it, it attracted me too much.

Then early in the morning she saw in her dream that her mother (expired) and she was running to a temple to worship with different materials required for worshipping.
They were accompanied by many ladies. But it seemed strange to her that both of them were well behind in spite of their great attempt to hurry.
At last they reached the temple, and saw many ladies wearing saris with red border and the priest was worshipping. He accepted her mother's materials offered for the deities but when she wanted to offer her, he rejected and said, I will not accept your offer. He was surprised hearing it and said, why, am I late? The priest said, no, you are widow and a widow cannot offer to god. She burst into tears and thought, why? He did not reject her mother's offer! Everybody was looking at her with great surprise.
But it was strange that within a short moment she checked herself and stood calmly. She thought, it was good that all the prejudices of ritualism were eradicated from her mind. In reality also she was free from these ritualistic ceremonies.

3rd January,1997, Friday.
For a long time Sikha had been copying the matters for publication in the Bengali magazine. To-day this copying came to an end and she felt a great peace in mind. Next day early in the morning she dreamt that she alone with her mother and brother were staying in her room.
She noticed that everything inside the room was burnt to ashes. Her mother was crying and she was scolded by her brother. But she stood quite unconcerned observing how everything was burnt to ashes. She felt
no attraction, no grief, no sorrow, and shed no tears. Then the dream went off.

Later on in her real life this came true. Her husband, only son died of cancer. She fell in a great financial crisis. But in spite of all these hazards she was quite strong mentally and always felt peace in mind with divine joy, passing days with Diamond's philosophy.

First week of December,2008
One day early in the morning Sikha had a dream. She saw a wide road like Eastern Metropolitan by-pass of Kolkata with big trees on both sides. There was none on the road. She was walking with a gentleman. He seemed to be her ex-teacher named Prankrishna. But again it seemed that he was Jibankrishna or Diamond.
She was telling him not to accompany her, but he was not listening to her and held her hand saying, let us go, I am accompanying you.She was repeatedly requesting him not to come with her.
At that moment a question came in her mind that this hand did not belong to her teacher, because he was black-complexioned. This hand was a fare-complexioned and the gentleman wore full sleeved Punjabi.
Instantly it flashed in her mind, these hands belonging to Diamond?
Though in such a darkness she could not see him clearly. And she was continuously requesting him to leave her hand to allow her to walk alone. But he was not listening to her request at all.
At this moment her dream went off and instantly it was clear to her that he was Diamond himself.

She realized that Diamond as god-the-Preceptor will guide her throughout the life.

4th February,2009. Wednesday.
Early in the morning Sikha saw in a dream that a man was seated in a posture of meditation on a high place. His backside was facing her. He seemed to have black complexion with hairs upto neck. Somebody was saying, he is Jibankrishna (Diamond).

Sikha thought that Diamond had fair complexion what she has heard. So why should he be black complexioned? (every night before going to bed she prays to him, you appear before me in dream with your real form). However, that voice continued to say, he is Jibankrishna. Then her dream went off and she went on thinking, really she saw Diamond!
Sikha is leading a life with divine peace in spite of numerous family hazards and seeing divine dreams.

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