Do we Dream in Color?

Apparently most of us do dream in color.

Research shows that 70 -80% of our dreams contain color. Which is not really that surprising seeing as though we dream as we see the world around us... the sky is blue and the grass is green. It makes sense for color to appear in our dreams.

In the middle of the 20th Century with Freud’s research people generally reported dreams being in back and white. This is an interesting fact, seeing as today most people reportedly dream in color.

However the prevalence early on of black and white dreams is attributed to the influence of black and white media images at that time.

I know for one that I have only ever had one black and white dream and it stands out in my memory because of this fact. My dreams are usually full of color.

Color appears in our dreams in several ways, images can be completely one color or we could view the dream as we naturally see the world around us.
Now days when people refer to their dreams only being in black and white researchers believe this is more a matter of recall than anything else.

According to Bob Hoss M.S. a prolific dream researcher who’s specific focus is color in dreams, not only do we dream in color, but color has as much significance as any other dream symbol within a given dream.

Dream color appears to be symbolic of the emotional state that conjured up the dream images.

As with any dream interpretation color combined with the specific images of a dream will aid in giving you a more in-depth understanding of your dream.

Just like bee’s coming out of a hole in your knee may be a symbol of you feeling like the “bees knees” color combined with a dream image gives more emotional significance to that image.

A blue car for instance will give you more of a sense of harmony, tranquility and a sense of belonging than a car with no color at all.

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