Dream of Demons.. Whats it mean?

by Neicca Moody

Okay, I am 16 years old. And my family moved into this house when I was 8. My sister and I have always seen like in real life, a little girl here with black hair. Shes never hurt us and weve never been scared or felt threatned by her. You may not believe this but thats not my issue. Here recently, I have had two dreams about her.. and she has changed. The first dream, I was with my sister, and I went downstairs to get something and she was standing there. She was looking away from me and her head was kinda back. I froze, I felt automatically that something was wrong. Her head rolled on the joints to look at me. Ive never seen her eyes, but im sure they were never huge and solid black. She said in a deep voice, "I know your secrets. Its okay you can tell me." And she started coming towards me. I woke up in a sweat and I was to afraid to even talk to wake my sister. But when my mom came in to get me up for school, I got my Roseary and put it on and didnt take it off and the dream didnt come back. But about a week after that my Roseary broke.. so i didnt sleep with it on.. That night I dreamed that My sister, My mother, My stepfather, and I were arguing about John Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. Well my sister and I went to my room to do some research on them, and when we opened our door,

we saw her feet,standing on the bed. My sister screamed and ran, no problem, But when I tried to scream, nothing came out.. and when i turned to run it was like I was rusty and couldnt move fast. Finally I got to the living room and my step dad wanted to walk down the hall to my room to see what was there. Well when we walked past my kitchen, she was there standing. She looked like a deer in the headlights. Her eyes were HUGE and solid black. Her hair was crazy and nappy looking. And she was very tall. Shes never looked like that. Her teeth were pointed and bloody looking. She kinda staired at me. I felt like i was on fire, and like I had a boulder on my chest. Then she came at me. She was barking in a high pitched bark. And her arms were so long. She got face to face with me and she was at least 6 and a half feet tall. And my arm swung up and hit her in the face with a flashlight... and I woke up sweating to death.. It took about 10 minutes to even be able to look around the room, but when I could I woke my sister up and told her I had a bad dream.. She got in bed with me and asked what it was about.. as soon as i said "It was her" and she saw the tears in my eyes, her face went pale and she tensed up just like i was.. What does this mean?!?!

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