Dream Sex

Your dream sex could involve making passionate love to your favourite movie star…


You could be having wild sex on the photocopier with the weird guy from your office accounts department.

So…what does it mean who we share our most intimate moments with in our dreams?

As sex is an important part of our waking lives, for most of us, it seems realistic that it would play a part in our dream life also.

A recent Canadian survey, reported that 8% of dreams involve dream sex or revolve around sexual situations.

When interpreting sex dreams you have to look more closely at who the subject of the dream is, what kind of personality traits they exhibit and how you feel while the dream is playing out.

Some of our night time fantasies are simply unfulfilled wishes, living out fantasies that one feels unable to in waking life.
Sorry to burst your bubble…but the movie star sex dreams fall into this wish fulfillment category.

Is there anyone, any part of yourself, or something you admire in the personality of the celebrity?

Certain dream sex can be a bit more disturbing, and involve unexpected partners such as brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters or best friends. In general people you are in no way attracted to.

These dreams are more symbolic in nature. The person in your dream represents a part of yourself, so these dreams are more to do with an inner bonding.
You are uniting with some aspect of yourself represented by the person who appears as your dream lover. So it is really important to look at who you are making love to, and how you feel.

If your dream sex involve being in bed with an ex-boyfriend or husband it usually points out a pattern of behaviour we are repeating while we pick different people.
There is a strong tendency to pick similar people again and again until we find resolution for the inner conflict that led us to get involved with that sort of person in the first place.

Sex dreams with coworkers: again one needs to look at who the coworker is.
Are you attracted to this person? Or are they unappealing to you in that way?
If it is somebody you are attracted to then it may simply be an expression of this and may be taken lightly and as an expression of unfulfilled fantasy.
If the coworker is somebody you are in no way attracted to, then you need to look at who they are, what part they play in your working life, the quality of the sex in the dream, and any obstacles that appear.

Forced dream sex can be quite frightening and obviously occur more often in women that men. These dreams most significantly express a feeling of being controlled or forced into situations in waking life.
Forced sex in dreams is an expression of pain and suffering associated with a waking life situation.

Dreams of rape or sexual abuse can be PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) in women who have suffered abuse or have been victims of rape.

According to renound dream researcher Gale Delaney, the function of the sexual coercion in a dream is very different from waking life fantasies and must be seen as a possible sign of enormous and painful sexual conflict on the part of the dreamer.
If you would like more information on PTS or feel you would like to seek professional assistance please click here.

Not all dreams of forced sexual relationships represent sexual abuse. It may have nothing to do with sex whatsoever.
Perhaps the sexy dream is indicative that you are feeling held down by something.
Is there a relationship where you feel forced into some scenario or way of thinking? Is there a situation where you feel violated?

Look for similarities between the dream sex and waking life, and pay careful attention to how the dream ends.

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