Dreaming Blindly

by Jacqueline
(Irving, TX)

So I start out driving and I can't see anything but I keep driving anyway as if I know where i'm going and end up in this theatre arts place where we're playing Romeo and Juliet. I'm supposed to be Juliet but before I'm even in the building, Romeo tries to kill Juliet but its my understudy and not me and she's sent to the hospital when he ment to stab me. So he's crazy, is in a wheelchair and tries to lure me in as if I didn't see what happened so I just ignore and go to my car and I have all these books in front of me that I don't know what I should do with them so I leave them in my car and go on the bus. Later on I'm in the bus waiting to leave and Romeo is sitting beside me and before I can more or say anything, he stabs my stomache and I pass out. I wake up driving again and I'm on the freeway just going by and I see my cousin out the window and its pouring down on her and I feel like stoping but my brother and sisters tell me to keep going, she's just going to use you when she needs you then leave you. And either way I couldn't really stop cause it's on the freeway and I kept going and end up in a place where stores are just right beside each other kind of like in Mexico and I walk into this store that is selling nothing but dog things, and silver stone necklaces for werewolves and all and I see my friend,Martha, there sitting at a desk saying she'd just seen the Red Riding Hood movie and it turned out Wolfs can turn whenever they wanted to. Then a crash of all the windows going in and heading everywhere and I see giant beastly wolves everywhere and one grabs me by the collar and says "run" in a raspy

voice so of course I do and I don't remember stopping just seeing a guy out in the woods as I run and end up into the next day, going into the same store and this time Martha says that to live she had to agree to marry one of the wolves and the same event happens except this time I choose to stay there, I don't know why but I do. The wolves then talk to me and say that it is time to change a new pack because they need new wolves and I ask "well, why don't you change me?" They proceed by telling me that my blood is bad, and that its repulsive and even if they wanted to turn me, it'd be impossible to keep from throwing up. And I just accept that fact and a chihuahuah starts chasing me and is about to bite me because they changed him too. But before he even bites me, he realizes that I have bad blood and goes on to the next person, then my friend Cynthia is there saying she can never come back and demands for a hug. When she leaves I follow close behind and she walks through this gate where I proceed afterward because there is a whole group of people going in there too. Then "SLAM" the gate shuts and I'm left with these people and a strange man with a beard and little hair and a tatto of a snake on his arm starts saying "Hello new trash, your the next of the line whether you like it or not, you'll learn to love this little group and if not, thats not my problem" I then raise my hand to say "Umm I don't know what your talking about so if I could just get out of your hair and back that'd be great" but before he sees me Cynthia pulls down my hand and snarls, "they'll kill you if you say anything, even if your blood is disgusting."

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