Dreams of Death

Dreams of death are scary and unwanted but are important signs from your unconscious.

You will generally see dying in dreams when there is some outgrown or destructive part of yourself or your life that is no longer working for you.
Try to see the death in your dreams as a symbolic “death” of no longer functioning aspects of your life. They are a healthy part of your coping mechanism.

Dreams of death where somebody other than yourself dies could be an outward expression of an inner situation.
Is there some part of yourself that you feel has died within you? Like an old pattern or habit? Is there some part of you that has been suppressed? What part of yourself does the person in the dream remind you of?

Or perhaps whoever died in the dream represents someone other than the figure in the dream, somebody that you have lost contact with or who you are not treating as you should and fear that a “death” of the relationship could occur.

Dreams of people who have died are not so common, and sometimes people describe these dreams as unbelievably real, unlike any dream they have had before. They believe they are real visitations from deceased relatives.

It is generally assumed in a dream where a deceased person appears that this person is representing some part of yourself or someone of significance in your life. So yet again it is important to describe whom the person is, and how you feel about them and then try to see any parallels in your waking life.

As we age it is obvious that we will have more of these dreams as more of the people we know and care pass on. It only makes sense that the resources you have to symbolize certain aspects of yourself or your life will as you get older include many people who have died.

Older people through these types of dreams come to terms with loss and dying and use their relatives and friends who have passed on as a means of doing this.

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