Endless Embarkment

by Alexander McLaughlin
(Mitchell, South Dakota, United States)

I'm walking towards the edge of a cliff and then I'm standing on the edge and thinking to myself "hmmm this sunset is really nice" and I begin to realize that the sunset is the end of my relationship with somebody special, very special to me.

And then when the sun starts to go down the ground crumbles and gives way and I'm falling and falling, the cold air is racing past me and I close my eyes knowing that this relationship will never happen again with this girl again and I let go of all the pain and sorrow she has caused upon me and then I hit the ground.

but then I wake up thinking "hmm that wasnt so bad, now I just really gotta do it in reality"

Comments from www.realmeaningofdreams.com:

Quite often in dreams we are dealing with anxieties and fears we have about big events that are occurring in our waking lives. And it seems that during your dream you were actually privy to what this dream means for you.

There is such beautiful symbolism in this dream - the sunset , which is a classic symbol of the end of a cycle, as you have been aware in your dream, a symbol of the end to a relationship with somebody special.

It is like the calm before the storm, the sun must set, before it can rise again, and begin a new day...

And this is key in your dream because it seems as soon as the sun has set the reality sets in and the anxiety, hurt and pain of what you have created by setting the sun, has to be dealt with.

Maybe this relationship has left you feeling out of control, and unable to do what needs to be done, in order for a new day to begin?

Your dream is taking you through your anxieties about this cycle ending, rehearsing and strengthening you emotionally for the fall, and your subsequent landing.

It is allowing you to see that, things will be OK, that you will "survive the fall", metaphorically speaking.

Fascinating! Thank you for the wonderful submission...

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