Exam or Test Dreams

by Nombuyiselo
(South Africa)

I dreamt coming late in the exam room. When I entered the class was quiet but when I closed the door my jersey got pinched by the door. And when I took a step I got stuck,the whole class in the exam room laughed at me. In all that I didn't feel embarrassed just walked all the way to my seat at the back with my head held up high as they were laughing. My seat is in line with my friends seat back in high school and my best friend from high school is seating next to me.The exam hadn't started at that time, they were just sitting waiting for the question paper.The exam question paper was given before I finish writting my details.The questions were too hard for me.

My other dream I had the same night was in class this time with a male teacher from primary we were writting a test.I couldn't answer the quistions.This young female teacher came in the class while the male teacher was away and helped me out with my test gave me a few answers,she is nice to me.In a dream she feels as if she is my family but I don't know her.The male teacher and the female teacher disappeared,this male teacher is a bit rude to me I sense dislike from him.He handouts our L.O test and I failed it,the mark was 40 out of 120.

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