Fairy Dream

by John
(Quezon City, Philippines)

I had a dream once where I was at a school that I was embarrassed to be in.

It was there where I discovered that I was able to fly. My maneuvering was shaky at first. But I had met someone that told me about my ability. He had said that I can fly better if there was wind, and that if there was enough wind, I can hover and be invisible while doing it.

People there were not to discover that I can fly. Apparently, I was some kind of fairy, and I was to keep my existence a myth. That's where the invisibility talent came in handy.

Flying felt great. I was soaring through the halls, and people did not notice me at all. Although at times, I felt like I had to blow hard to maintain wind. And at one point in the dream, I feared that if I used the talent too often, I would lose it.

I also had other talents accompanying flight, like when I blow air, my breath turns into yellow light and golden glitter, which can partially control the minds of people around me. I can make them feel things, I can make them laugh, or make them forget that I was ever there.

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