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I once had a dream i was falling but I dont remember it much, accept I hit the bottom and stood up and said that wasnt so bad. I am okay.

My daughter told me you arent supposed to hit bottom, and if you do you die. What did my dream mean and why was it okay that I made it.

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Contrary to popular perception, nothing will happen to you if you actually reach the bottom in a falling dream, like you experienced!

Nothing happened to you because you hit the ground in your dream, right?

So what does it mean if you have tripped and fallen over a cliff in your dream?

Quite like being chased, dreaming of falling indicates you have feelings of insecurity and anxiety in waking life.

You could feel out of control in a waking life situation, it could be in a relationship, work situation or just in your general approach to life.

Similarly these dreams could indicate that you are indulging in some form of self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

However, seeing as though you reached the bottom and actually said I am OK, this could indicate that you perhaps need to take the plunge in some waking life situation, some situation you are afraid about jumping into.

Your unconscious is basically showing you that you should just take the plunge as everything will turn out OK in the end.

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