feed the fish

by suzy
(battle lake mn)

In the middle of another dream I suddenly get a sence of anxioty and i have to go feed the goldfish in there tank They are off some place sucluded like a corner in a basement. the water is calm and some of the fish are dead floating on the top Its my fault there dead and im very remorseful I quickly shake the can of food over the water in the tank they race to the top I go to the second tank same thing but in the next tank there are 2 bigger fish and no matter how much i feed them its not enough there still hungrey and i keep thinking the whole time will i remember to feed the fish again that they are helpless and depend on me and i havent been taking care of them.I feel horably guilty. and thats the end I stop in the dream were im poring fish flakes in the big fishes mouth Im also worried that i wont have any food for the others and how could i fail at such a simple task

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