Flying high!

by HillBilly

My dream had me and several other people flying various things around in a rather confined area sky wise(maybe 500 feet?).

I was flying on either a bedsprings mattress or some kind of box that was rectangular in shape. I would lay on the box with my arms holding onto the outside edges, with my body and feet acting as a fuselage and tail, and take off from a running stride up a ramp that assisted my take off and shoot straight up.

Then I would start to plummet with increasing speed towards the ground in a roller coaster like motion and each time I would get close to the ground I would make a sharp turn upwards and take off again.

Sometimes I found my feet hitting the ground and pushing off it to keep in the sky. Occasionally I would not get a good enough push off and would have to start over again at the ramp assist take off.

The sensations I got were more like what you would experience on a roller coaster since I really would not be free flying or gliding. I noticed a couple of other people doing the same thing and one was flying what looked like a large toy WWII B-17 bomber. He was doing a lot of gliding and stunt type flying.

Another was taking off in a car similar to the one in James Bond film Man with the Golden Gun. That one was kinda slow in take off but was able to glide really well.

We each took turns flying, all of us running and launching off that ramp I mentioned.

I never experienced what I would call a crash and I do not remember how it ended.

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