Flying with friends

by Mark C

I often have the most lucid dreams that seem to last for days in my mind. I fly alone in buildings like gyms, factories and other large structures, usually with big beams that I pirch or hang on, hiding from people. I also soar through the air in cities, in the country over lakes, swamps, all kinds of scenery, extremely fast or slow depending on how much I concentrate and how my arms are positioined.

Lately I have been flying with friends, ex girlfriends, co-workers etc. There are always people around who are amazed by my ability. I hold on to people and tell them to think "light as a feather". They then become light enough for me to carry them through the air with ease. When I carry people it is usually not too high but it is full of difficulties like dodging trees, buildings, tough landings etc.

Sometimes when I fly with people I seem to be trying to avoid certain things, not sure what, almost like a bad energy or something, something without a face. When I fly alone I sometimes fly so high and fast (like the speed of light). I reach what my mind believes is "heaven" I hang out there a while alone and feel great. I then just float back down for a long time seeing everthing becoming more and more vivid as I float back to earth.

Something not so "positive" about my dreams is sometimes I am being shot at from what seems to be boats/ships. I avoid the "round/ring shaped" ammunitions with some ease.

I also seem to use my flying ability
to meet People, mosly women. I fly to a place, find a good looking woman and most of the time just flirt and make advances, then go to another one. Sometimes I do this on top of buildings and I will throw the girl off when I'm rejected by her. (I dont know why, cant be good). I then look over the side of the building and watch them fall.

Other times I'm at relatives houses, farms etc. Showing them I can fly, and sometimes giving them rides. I always have a stunned audience which makes the flight even more exhilerating.

When I'm not flying, I'm usully in dangerous situations. Caught in the middle of gang wars, robberies etc. I'm usually the hero, but I do sometimes get killed usually by bullets. I feel every bullet enter and feel the sharp pain and slowly drift away in my dream, usually with people around me. It seems after I die in one dream I awake in another sometimes similar, sometimes completely different.

Many times I am so deeply intwined into my lucid state I purposely do things that I know will wake me up. Like falling backwards off a building, etc. Except I wake into another lucid world which at the time seems to be reality. I do mundane daily things, chores, getting dressed etc. At some point I think "wait, am I still dreaming?"

My dreams stay with me sometimes for days, making me feel "different" and not attached to reality. Sometimes a nice feeling, sometimes scary. Either way my mind is a very interesting escape from this "real world" of ours. Keep dreaming.........

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May 22, 2012
cool dream
by: Mike

This is a very cool detailed flying dream. I also have dreams like this. Peace power and love

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