Gender Difference in Dream Imagery

As expected the gender difference between men and women does not stop when we fall asleep every night.

A typically married couple, lying next to each other in bed will be dreaming of completely different things often at the same time.

How men and women dream differently

Womens dreams are:

• More emotional in nature

• Generally indoors in a known setting

• Longer

• More often situated around the home

• More often involve many characters especially family

Men’s dreams are:

• More violent and aggressive in nature involving cars and quite often road violence

• Contain more unknown characters mostly male

• More sexual in nature involving unknown people

• More often about financial security

• Quite often located outdoors

Thousands of dreams surveyed display these gender differences with dreaming.

Sex dreams also quite expectedly show a difference in content between men and women.

Men are more likely to dream about sex with more than one partner, however not often is the partners’ orgasm a part of the dream. Women on the other hand dream about single sexual encounters and their partner having an orgasm is very much a part of the dream.

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