by stef

Ok so this is a long story. I swear to god this is true. Contact me if you need verification.

So I had a dream and I was at a hotel for a hockey tournament. I was looking for my wife because I needed her to bring my younger son to me. I found her in the hotel pool embracing another woman. In a lesbian situation. No sex just siting close to each other. I shouted to her and she did not hear me. I moved closer and shouted again. I asked what the hell was she doing. She brushed me off. So my son was there and I took him away. I woke up after that. I told my wife all about it and she said I was a nut with my stupid dreams.
Later that day my friend called from out of town and said his daughter is in a hockey tournament in my area. He invited us to stay at the hotel. So we did. We ordered pizza and when it came I tryed to find my wife and found her in the pool taling to a lady from the team. She said she would catch up with us so I took my son to eat. It turns out the lady was a lesbian and hjad a dauighter on the team. Just about everything I told my wife came true. I told everyone that night. My wife still can't belive it.

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