I really wish it was somebody else

I was looking at your section about premonitions, and I can certainly attest to their very real and startling existence. When I was a child I had a dream that my grandfather died while in surgery from complications that led to internal bleeding. All of this came true in his surgery the following day. I also had a dream that my friend would die in a car accident, and sure enough, tragically it came true. I write to you because my most concerning dream was about my own death. And it was about two inches away from actually happening. I dreamed that I would be hit and run over while going across a crosswalk. The driver was making a right turn, and didn't look to his right to see if there were any pedestrians. In my dream, I died and was reborn and instantly relieved all of my experiences. Trust me, I know how bizarre this sounds, it's worse when it' you...believe me. Several weeks ago, I started to make that trip across the crosswalk with the absent minded driver. And right before he could hit me, he saw me, and came to abrupt stop. He cursed me, which seemed incredibly misplaced and I continued my walk home. I don't know if I should feel that fate is non-existent, or if I should love everyday of my life from this point on. I'm trying to work on the ladder, but obviously when things are this abnormal, it's pretty difficult to focus my attention on the sunshine or sprinkles of dew that are always associated with summer. I'm not sure if I write this seeking council, or if I just want to communicate with someone that might be able to relate in even the slightest bit. I do know however that it is troubling and 90% of people would probably think I'm clinically insane if I were to entertain them with my uncomfortable anecdotes about mortality. This is a very strange time for me, and there are few places to reach out. I'm thankful I found your website, and I look forward to hearing back from your team.

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