Importance of Dreams, Do We Really Need To Understand Them?

What is the importance of Dreams? Do dreams really have a purpose? Are we supposed to understand them? Why are they so bizarre in nature? Why do the messages seem to be encrypted?

Although the exact function of dreaming is still unsure, most researchers agree on the importance of dreams to provide some necessary function and the benefits of understanding them can help us deal with everyday emotional issues.

Studies have shown that when subjects were sleep deprived, those that were allowed to obtain REM sleep and thus dream, recovered faster than those that were deprived of the REM sleep and thus not permitted to dream.

Studies have also shown the importance of dreams on mental well being.
Early studies have shown that dream deprivation caused hallucinations, memory and learning difficulties, irritability and suspicion.

Therefore, it seems that we need dream sleep to get ourselves in mental order, to restore ourselves.

Dream researchers have also postulated that the dreaming brain is rehearsing memory patterns in order to keep them alive.

So evidence from studies seems to support that dreams are involved with the processing of memories and dealing with unresolved issues of the day or emotional problems of the day.

Although dreams may not always include events from the day, they are dealing with the emotional issues that surround that days experience.

People ask “well if dreams have a purpose why are they so bizarre in nature so they are difficult to understand?”

Researchers agree that dreams are not necessarily meant for the rational conscious mind.
That part of our brain is inactive when we are dreaming that is why dreams appear bizarre, because they are speaking in the visual language of association.

Dreams are not filtered with a sense of rationality as mental processing would be while we are awake.

A dream is like a painting of our relationship to our body, how we are feeling in life what culture we are from, what is going on in the world around us.

The bizarre nature of our dreams is the result of our dreams representing a freer more “out of the box” way of seeing things that has not been censored by the rational part of the brain. This is beneficial to us because it allows us to see things in a new way and to get revolutionary insights into issues that would not be possible with the constraints of waking life reality.

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