I've always wanted to know what these dreams mean!!

by Brittany

So I actually have 2 that occur often but I don't understand them very well. The first starts out with me in a dark room (sometimes it looks like a basement) with something that is glowing dark green. I look to my side and a small girl (she never talks, but she does show emotion which I find odd) is standing next to me. She has short, dark brown hair and dark eyes and she looks scared. We climb through a small window and reach a paved road. This sky is dark but the grass is vibrant and very green. I hear someone yell and the girl and I start to run and dodge into a small bush near a tree. She looks at me and puts a finger to her mouth like she wants me to stay quiet. The dream always ends here.

The second dream always starts differently. Sometimes I am just walking through a barren, cracked desert with absolutely no vegetation around. There is always mountains off in the distance. I keep walking until I reach these tepee looking things and there are large wooden watchtowers around. There are these things that are half human, half bull (like a menotaur). Again it always ends in the same place with me just staring at these things. It's one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had!!

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