Jane Gifford

Gifford’s practice is rooted in exploring the cumulative processes of dreaming, the concept of dream diaries, language and narrative.

For more than a decade she has recorded and presented her dreams in the form of chronological textual narratives, drawings, paintings, printmaking, installation and videos.

Characteristic to her work are intimately small paintings of indexed objects and scenes which operate like signposts or keys to her inner world; revealing intriguing and poignant episodes.
They not only resuscitate her dream chronology, but also reveal her central interest in reclaiming dreams from the traditionally "Dream Like".

She lives and works in London and studied at Central St Martins.

Dream Painting - 14.3.2001, 2001

Theatre in Mark R's Flat

Rose Convenience

If you would like to see more of Jane Gifford's fascinating art you can visit her site here

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