To Kiss in Dreams

Is a kiss just a kiss in dreams?

From greeting people, to being a simple show of affection, to being one of the most intimate experiences expressed between two people, kissing is a major part of our daily lives.
It makes sense then, that kissing would appear in our dreams.But a kiss is far from being just a kiss in dreams.

From our childhood we have been fed stories of magical kisses, with the power to wake up (Sleeping Beauty and Snow White) and the power to transform something ugly into something desirable (The Frog Prince).
We have heard historic fables such as that of Antony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra killing herself with a single kiss from a serpent, giving birth to the phrase “The kiss of death”.

In light of these stories we can then understand that perhaps for our unconscious minds to kiss in dreams has far than the obvious meaning.

The most important aspect, as always in dream interpretation, is to look at whom you are kissing, what kind of kiss it is (i.e. a quick brush on the cheek with grandma or a passionate kiss with a lover) and how you felt about the kiss.
The answers to these questions should give you a good interpretation of what that kiss meant to you.

For a brief overview of the possible kissing scenarios in dreams:

• Kissing your current partner can indicate a need for a closer union with this person or it could simply be a reflection of deep feelings.

• Kissing somebody of the same sex if you are not that way inclined, could indicate the need for union with a certain part of yourself or it could mean self-acceptance.

• Kissing somebody who you are not interested in or who you feel repulsed by leaving you feeling awkward and uncomfortable, could suggest that you feel awkward and uncomfortable in some waking life situation where you are playing along in a scenario that you don’t really want to be involved in, but don’t know how to get out of.

• Kissing somebody whom you have an interest in from afar could simply be a means in your dreams of living out a real life fantasy.

• If you are kissing some dream lover, somebody you have never seen in real life, somebody you find immensely attractive in your dream, this could be a way of providing yourself with what you feel is missing in your waking life. The perfect concoction of what you seek in a real partner. Or again, you could simply be unifying with a certain part of yourself.

Remember these brief outlines are just a guide, dream symbols are specifically personal to you so only you can really know what the kiss means for you.

By focusing on the feelings the kiss brings about and certain characteristics of the person you are kissing you should be able to figure out what the kiss is symbolizing for you.

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