by Lee

I always dream of death and this worries me as since being a child they always in one way or another seem to come true.

I had a dreams as a child that put an order to the deaths of my immeadiate family. In a way this has given me some sense of the natural order of life and comfort that it is not to be feared.
The first of these was a dream of my Fathers funeral, he was still young and working for the railways.
The dream saw him laid out surrounded by flowers but by the buffers you find at railway stations. However the station is full of people all ages etc.
My father died aged 57 while still working for the railways and at his funeral we were overwhelmed by the amount of people who attended.
I have also had dreams of others friends etc who have died and had similarities with my dreams. My sister is the only one who I have not seen and so believe that she is to outlive myself.
I had a dream of recieving a call from my sister while i am at work in a particular office to advise me that my mother has passed away. My dreas are so vivid that when I wake I feel that the events have happend.
My mother is still alive and I am fearful that if I work in the location from my dream that I know this is going to happen.
My mother has some health issues but I have only recently found these out and yet this dream happend aprox two years ago. I even joked with her and advised that she would not see her 63rd birthday.
This year she will be 63 and this makes me anxious!
I do not know if this is unusual or if I have an overactive imagination but how could I know these things that have happend.

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