Lila Koufopoulou

forseeing the future artwork by lila koufopoulou

"DREAMS" were born under my need to "dive" into this wonderful, invisible world of the subconscious (that can light the dark sides of the soul, teach sufficiently the self-development and add to the creativity and the removal of the feeling of the unknown) to "dive," in order to understand the truths I was choosing - without my conscious will - to ignore.

In "DREAMS," Psyche, pulls up every stimulus that becomes a revealing answer for her and expresses it visually by an abstract but dreamy form, like an illustrated proposal of old oracles of Pythia.

So, Psyche meditates through and with her soul inspired by her own dreams, her own personal symbolisms and answers, that like living images, like guardian angels help her to decide, to hope, to see the invisible, to recognize the familiar and make known the unknown, in her attempt to exorcise fear and meet the catharsis, while at the same time welcomes the next life challenges.

As if in scenery of a fairytale, the archetype image of this new series of mine unfolds in Delphi, where near a spring by the sanctuary of the oracle, Psyche appears. We meet her mentally, while she admires the magic of nature and wonders:

"Is this beauty I live a dream?" admits to tenderly smiling to the breeze that keeps her company whispering,

"But if what I experience is a dream, what is then what I see when am I sleeping?" This is how the conversation with her dreams starts.

The "DREAMS" - is the last part of my trilogy "ABOUT SOUL" and is dedicated to:

- all those who believe and are inspired by dreams in their sleeping and their real life,

- all those who believe that dreams can become reality when you put your heart and soul into them, and,

- all who respect not only their own dreams, but also the dreams of others, helping both themselves and others to make them reality, adding enormously to the creation of a new, flourishing world that gives real value to our human existence.

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