Losing things and feeding animals

by Marianne
(Caerphilly )

I dream all the time that I lose things. This may sound strange but I lost my mother inlaw in one dream - she is an ill old lady and I took her out for the day and lost her. I was crying and scared, looking and looking for her but I couldn't find her. I was upset because I thought my husband would be angry.

In another dream, I lost my husband's friend's van. I don't know why I had it, but I parked it, and then I couldn't find it. I was walking for miles and miles looking for it. I told my husband so he could help me search for it but he said he was too busy and I had to find it myself.

I lost my son on a beach (he is grown up now but in the dream he was about 10 yrs old). I was looking and looking for him and then he just turned up. A man had brought him back to my husband.

In another dream I had lots and lots of animals. I had to look after them and feed them. There were too many animals that I couldn't get around to feed them all. Then they started dying because I cannot feed them fast enough.

Please help me with these dreams, I have so many more I could tell...

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