lost in the sea

by abraham Zuhar

I had a dream of being lost in the sea when I had a journey.

My ship was drowned to the depth of the sea. I did not know everything at that time. Still, in my dream, I was awakened up and I saw a child standing by me.

He help me away from a beach, brought me to a bicycle store, and bought me one.

I saw every side of the environment. I was surprised because I was in USA.
I'm an Indonesian and live in Indonesia in my daily live. That is my entire dream.

comments from www.realmeaningofdreams.com:

Shipwrecks, are interesting dream symbols. As water in our dreams represents emotions, and as a ship is something that charters the waters, Shipwrecks could be seen to represent failed attempts to deal with emotional issues that have arisen in waking life.

Perhaps you have tried to travel on a certain emotional path but have suffered a devastation or "shipwreck", and you have needed some assistance to get back on track.

Ask yourself : are you going through some emotional conflict or perhaps you are unable to express how you feel in some waking life situation?

A child again is an interesting dream symbol.
This could symbolise your inner self, or this dream could be related to certain childhood memories, or issues that arose at the time that relates to the age of the child in your dreams.

Children in dreams symbolize a need and an eagerness to learn and adapt, simplicity, and intuition.

After the horror of the shipwreck, this child is there to take care of you. The fact that the child provides you with a bike, which is a more childlike mode of transport also indicates that this could be the child like part of yourself appearing to you in your dreams to give you hope.

Modes of transport, whatever form they take in dreams, relate to our path through life. So this child is helping you, in whatever way it can, get back on your path in life after the turmoil of the shipwreck, or whatever emotional issue you are dealing with in your waking life.

These are the more common aspects of this dream, the other symbols I believe are more personal to you and only you have the ability to discover their real meaning.

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