Moving into another home.

by Kaitlin Harper

I was moving into a bigger house, which i've wanted to do forever. And it was in the city (I live in the middle of the country) which made me so happy. But.. all the sudden I guess my family turned into a poor asian family and we were eating rice and didnt have enough for my step dad. After we ate I got up and wanted to go outside because I knew like half the people in that neighborhood and i wanted to go see my friend evan (which i'm in love with).. because for some reason I was back at my old neighborhood ( i've moved quite alot) almost the same spot as before just a different looking house. My step dad wouldnt let me go outside though, he said it was too late, "It like midnight, and i dont want you to get kidnapped," but it was daytime! After that i woke up and went right back to sleep. Then I dreamed that I was at like my best friends house, named Travis, and we were going to Evan's house for a party or something. His whole family was going and it was weird because right before I went into Evan's house I was sitting there with this kid she was in the show on disney channel I used to watch called Cory in The House and she was the president's daughter and she was a brat and blah blah blahh.. she was on the computer on clubpenguin and I was just watching her

play clubpenguin .. idk why. But then I was all of the sudden in Evan's house, his mom was there and alot of people i knew that didnt even know Evan or anyone I was at the party with. But, first I found Evan he was following some girl and grabbing her arm to talk to her. I was so mad, like i really liked him. We've kissed .. madeout before and, idk it just made me mad. After I kinda looked at her.. she kinda looked like Travis's girlfriend Becca though. Soo, i kinda backed off thinking maybe he was just talking to her and had to tell her something. Then, i kinda forgot some but then i remember i was with Evan and ty was there (one of the people at my school) saying , "You need to kiss Evan" and stuff like that he was pulling me towards Evan. It was weird because he kinda had like a smile on his face, and i was like ,"why? why?" , "I never kissed anybody and he prob. has a girlfriend" .. like joking aroung i guess because i definitely had! also Evan said "nope! i dont!" and we went it the corner because he had to show me something .. it was like pills or something that he was taking .. it wasnt adhd medicine but it was close and I was like im so sorry! And he said ohh idc its okay and then was about to kiss him, when I woke it! Dangg.

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