My House was flooded by deteriorating water pipes

by Alice Oliva
(Lakewood, California USA)

In my house I would be walking from room to room.

I would notice the water stains on ceillings and the walls were wet and they were swelling.

I had started to run outside to turn off the main water line and I ask my husband to help but it was as if he couldn't hear me. I then saw myself running out doors and turned off the water.

I woke up.

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I would firstly ask you to consider at the point in your life when you had this dream, whether there were any issues in your home, with overflowing pipes, flooding or leaving the water running somewhere in the house?

If so, then this could be the manifestation of your anxiety about this issue in waking life seeping into your dreams.

Or, it could mean something more, only you can know this.

To help you uncover the very personal meaning to this dream, ask yourself these questions developed by renowned Dream Researcher Dr Gayle Delaney:

How do you feel in the dream?

Are there any situations in your waking life where you feel the way you do in the dream?

How does the dream action present a parallel a situation or a feeling in your waking life?

How does the dream help you better understand this situation?

Some potential meanings for the symbols in your dream are:

Water - can represent your emotions, the flow of the water can indicate certain things as well, if it is a heavy flow it may mean some process is very overwhelming or difficult for you.

Water pipes - can represent energy, motivation and a wish to do something against your nature.

Houses - dreams about houses can represent the life that you are living, the protections that you create and the structure you present to other people.

We have a page dedicated to houses in dreams which may help you with this dream interpretation.

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