My last home!

by Pam Davis
(Cocoa Beach Fl)

Seven years ago I retired and made a major move. I lived in a high rise apartment house in the city for 15 years before I moved. When I first moved there it was in excellent shape. Over time the owner died and it was sold and went down hill fast. I stayed there because I knew I would be making a major move in the near future.

I moved many states away and into a nice condo on the beach. It is perfect for me and has everything the old place did not.

Now I rather frequently have dreams about the old place, It is positively the place but has had a drastic change in the building. Some of the same people work and live their but in extremely different circumstances. For instance, instead of individual apartments it it more like a rooming house. When I am inside it is much larger than the real building and instead of two elevators there are many more elevators. I am always getting on the wrong elevator and cannot reach the floor I am there to visit. I don't live there any longer in my dreams but I am always trying to get somewhere that I am never able to get to.

I do take medication to sleep and have found since taking it my dreams are very vivid and I often wake-up with actual feeling from the dreams.

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