My molars

by Jessica

I feel that two top molars, one on each side, furthest back, are swollen and loose. I fear that they will fall out if I open my mouth. But my mouth feels huge. And it hurts to keep it closed, Even as I try to gently keep it closed. I come across someone, I am facing them, and I cannot hold my mouth closed any longer. I open my mouth, as I open my mouth, they slowly fall out as if my mouth being closed was all that kept them in.

I cannot believe my molars just fell out like they did. And I wake up.

I believe I feel the pain and swelling because I have now been through surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I know that I have consciously been reminding myself that I need to go to the dentist because I have not been to one in 2 years. So I am genuinly worried about my teeth.

But I am also helplessly stressed at work. I have been applying to so many jobs to be able to leave my current job but I have had no luck yet. I have tried to work things out at my job but have come to believe that it must be a personallity conflict and I will never be happy at work. So I just sit here, do my job, and wait for the phone call that will change my career.

I compare that to that I gave up trying to keep my teeth in my mouth. I just accepted they were going to fall out and I could not hold them in any longer.

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