My Recurring Nightmare About Falling Teeth

by Katelyn
(Milwaukie, OR, USA)

I've been having basically the same nightmare of teeth falling out dreams since I was about ten years old.

The place and situation are always different but the theme is always the same. The dream ends by me trying to open my mouth to speak and my jaws almost being locked together by my teeth. When I finally wrench my jaws apart my teeth begin to fall out. I keep spitting them into my hand, sometimes in pieces, some whole. They never look the same anytime the dream happens.

Sometimes I can't really see them clearly, others I can see them as I spit them into my hand and they look like white pebbles or stones, sometimes they are jagged and sharp, others they are too large.

Last night's was the worst.

The details are foggy now, so many hours later, I know I was unhappy before the teeth started falling out. So unhappy that I went to a bathroom to be alone and this time I actually looked into a mirror. I smiled at myself and that's when the teeth started falling out.

I kept spitting them out into my hand, some too big, some too small. I kept looking into the mirror after every time I spit them out, looking at where the teeth had fallen out. It was horrifying to see my mouth reduced to such carnage.

I remember that as I watched one tooth in particular fall out in the mirror I thought to myself, "This is a dream, this is a dream, it can't be real, oh god it's real. This can't be happening, it's finally happened."

I spit into my hand one more time and I woke
up. Ever since these dreams have happened I have been terrified of losing my teeth. I have it at least once a year, but it's closer to once every few months.

I just want these teeth falling out dreams to stop.

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Thanks for the dream Katelyn, this does sound like a terrifying dream for you.

There seems to be quite a lot of anxiety related to your dream experience, and you seem quite concerned in the dream with the physical effects of your teeth falling out, with you looking into the mirror.

Like I mentioned on my page about teeth falling out dreams if a general feeling of loss of control accompanies your dream, of feeling helpless and anxious, then this could mean that you feel helpless and not in control of a waking life situation.
You could feel fearful and afraid of change. Is there a situation where you feel this way in your waking life?

If your dream is accompanied by feelings of humiliation and of being embarrassed then these dreams are an overly exaggerated way of presenting your anxiety about looking bad in a waking life scenario.

Ask yourself if there is any situation in your waking life in which you feel like you will humiliate yourself or feel embarrassed about?

As these dreams are unpleasant for you and you would like to stop having them I would suggest you read our page on Lucid Dreaming, where you can gain control of your dreams and actually change the outcomes, as you are fully aware you are dreaming during the dream. Check out our Lucid Dreaming page here.

Thanks again for this really interesting teeth falling out dream submission!

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May 14, 2011
I have a similar dream
by: Z Vega

I feel for you. I have had a similiar dream my whole life. The only difference is that I've always had serious dental problems as a result of a fall as a toddler. Have actually had my teeth suddenly fall out in a public place as a tween & teenager but this has never happened to me as an adult and yet I still have these nightmares regularly. They're always in a different place or time but there are always people around to see me suddenly lose some or all of my teeth. It's an awful night mare & I have it regularly. Maybe once every 6 months.

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